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Double Head Cutting Machine LJZ2A-450x3600

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For 45°~90°plastic and Aluminium profile cutting.


Equipped with cutting angle fine adjustment device.

Straight line feeding type; the guide for machine body and feeding system adopt linear bearing system to ensure stable feeding and high cutting precision.

Optional: Machine head could adopt air-hydraulic damping cylinder to cut Aluminium profile.

Same shaft angle-changing structure for good surface cutting performance.

Profile supporter is available on the movable head.

Automatic cutting angle change for 45°and 90°.

One time two pieces of profile cutting (height of profile less then 60mm).

With short profile cutting device on left machine head can realize super short profile cutting.


Air Pressure:                        0.5MPa~0.8MPa

Air Consumption:                 50L/min

Input Power:                        5.25KW

Spindle Rotary Speed:          2800r/min

Cutting Length Range:          290mm~3600mm

Cutting Width:                      120mm

Cutting Height:                      120mm

Overall Dimension:              6000mm×1300mm×1650mm

Weight:                                  1200kg